The Top Human Brutal History Witness in Photos

When it is the question of the most wildness or brutality which thing will come very fast in your mind? Well, some of will say that it’s Hyena, some of us will say something else. But I am sure that no one going to imagine that actual brutal or wild animal is Human! Yes! I am talking about human and their worst brutal history.

Today I am going to share some of the photos the highest witness of the Human Brutality. As I am not the owner of these photographs I cant tell you that they are real or fake. It depends on you that you are going to believe it or not.

But there is one that I very strongly believe that “If there is nothing, rumors also can’t be make from a zero.” That’s mean if you are witness of something then you may say that mixing with some twist but if you are totally unaware of that think you can’t even say any word about that.

While I was making this post to share, Every times I have watched those photographs, I was humiliated in front of me because Above all I am  also a human. I had continuous goosebumps while I was making the post.

So here are the Brutal History of Human!

Number 6: A very clear view of Humanity and Kindness. Here is how we introduce us as Human!

A very clear view of Humanity and Kindness. Here is how we introduce us as Human!
Source: Arakanmedia

Number 5: Most valuable body parts are just “number” now!

Source: Twitter

Number 4: By Watching Those Faces I can’t recognize Who is Muslim, Hindu or any other Religious. I only see they are Human!

Source: Jacobinmag

Number 3: There is something on the Forest! Not only sand, Not also ash of fire! It’s again a witness of human brutal history.

Source: scoopwhoop

Number 2: This one is saying so many words without talking a word!

A refugee child rests, among Iraqi refugees that fled violence in Mosul and internally displaced Syrians who fled Islamic State controlled areas in Deir al-Zor, near the Iraqi border, in Hasaka Governorate October 23, 2016.
Source: alarabiya

Number 1: Cry cry and cry! But he’s never going to stand again!

Source: Voanews


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