The World After 500 Years-An Important Message!

The World After 500 Years

Today I am going to share a thought about The World After 500 Years of an addicted writer. Well, I know him, He could be me also!

You might get bored, or you might curse that freaking writer.

Whatever you do, I am going to share!

Let’s start straight point of “his” view!

It was 31st December 2017; I was celebrating New Year with my “Friends.” I don’t have one, but I have too many! That’s bottles!!!

Well, I was talking to them. They were replying me also very constantly.

At the time when all of the lights were shut off, I looked at the sky. I was looking for light there, but unfortunately, no light was in the sky or nor in the earth.

It’s mean a huge darkness were all over me. I felt like a demon of darkness coming towards me, and it’s grabbed me.

I lost my sense.

Maybe after “Five” minutes, I woke up!

I see nobody there. An empty road and “Sunlight” covering everywhere!

Only me and “bottles” even though one of them was lying far from me, maybe it’s angry with me!

Well, where is this place? I don’t care even its moon or elsewhere!

No one appears here! Me and some “bottles” here only in the frame.

Where is the hell the trees gone? Where have the roads lost?

Hospital or somewhere? Maybe they are ill!

Maybe I am here in a desert or a dead sea.

There is no one expects me and bottles; a tremendous loneliness is around here and there. Whatever, I was feeling hungry, and I was looking to kill it.

So, I’ve asked my bottles for the solution, and they told me to go straight and then right and then straight and then right!

Well, I do have full faith in my friends. So I am going to go this way.

I never came to this place. But at very last night I was in my well-known city. (He smartly skips how he came here)

Yeah! At last, there I saw some people. That’s mean where ever I am but I am alive, and I am on the earth.

Let me kill my hunger at first.

It feels like I am in The World After 500 Years.

I was desperately looking for food cord; there was nothing like this. There were no cars; there were no trees, there no shop and there was not anything like certain life. There was just sky kissing towers everywhere.

But the strangest thing is there were no human beings here or there.

My eyes were too much thirsty to look, humans, car, or horn sounds; at least I am a human!!!! (At least he has got some feelings also)

After spending more time on the walk, I saw something like a supermarket. I would like to enter there I will find some foods. Well, here also I couldn’t be able to see anybody.

Everything was like auto. I was feeling too much weak. Maybe I am going to be senseless again here at the market.

Dark demon again grabbed me.

When I have come to the sense, I realize that I am going to die, for hungriness. This place is too much crowded, and maybe this time I will find some food. There are so many people are there, but the strangest thing is that they were not talking each other.

They are walking and just walking as they are the robot. When I tried to talk with them, they looked at me as they were programmed like that. They were not thyself; they were operated by anyone else that’s my feelings.

I asked so many questions to them, but none of them has replied a single word.

I don’t know what the thing is happening with me.

At last, I found a board in front of a building where “how you would be charged!” written. Well, I also needed the charge to stay on! I took some step to get closer to it, and there was system written for charge a machine.

Suddenly I saw a man who was like waving.

The World After 500 Years
The World After 500 Years

I could realize that he was also hungry like me and I was too much right also. But my eyes were almost blast when I saw him to plug a wire into his neck. He was getting the charge from 40000 voltages. This can happen only in The World After 500 Years.

After watching that, all the matters were started to get clear to me, as much as people till now I have seen, all of them were robots but they seem like the human. They were not talking to me because they can’t feel what I am about.

So, I have come out from that mall, and I was on the street. Suddenly I have seen a billboard, and that was with a title like “History of the Earth.”

I found from there some information like, all of the robots that I am watching, all of them are the virtual look of all person. The human leaves the body because of its gets waste; they now stay alive without the body, and all of the daily tasks done by their mind-controlled robots. The only part of the body of a human is the brain, and they only take care of that. Almost all of the human beings are on the “Special Lab” and rest of them are under process to being there.

Another thing also mentioned there, and that is “We are now all the same nation, and we will be staying in this universe for an infinite time. Nor you or nor we will do any harm to our beautiful universe. We will make good contact with each other by the frequent journey to all over the universe.”

I have also seen a code language speech there.

That’s mean, the world and alien were united, the individual has left there body and entered on the metal body and they do all the things with the brain. They don’t need to communicate with others no longer. As they don’t have the natural body they don’t need foods, all of them need charge to stay on.

well, I have paid a visit the future world. I have an view on The World After 500 Years.

The Main View The World After 500 Years:

Science has won; Science has taken the universe on its hand. It’s dominating the whole world.

The world where is no life, no death, no boring,  no entertainment! No one loves anyone there. No one celebrates the birthday, Christmas or something like that.

The world doesn’t have any goals left. Now the world is fulfill which made by thyself. Its need nothing now, or nothing is garbage there.

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