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Are You Passionate About Writing?

If you are then you are on right place. You can Write For Us. Itikotha will give you the chance to be a writer! Open up your thought and start to giving your thoughts power of words. Prove the world what are you capable of!

What We Want From You?

We are looking for interesting, well merged and informative writing piece from you. All right reserve by you only, No copy piece, no spinned pieces only unique and original pitch we are looking for.

What Will You Get From Us?

Currently we are offering some bucks on best quality writings. The range is $5 to $50 for each Article. The article will be published under your Name! Yeah, I know that, this is going to be the best part!

Choose A Topic.

We try to cover all of the small things of every corner of the world.

News: Current occasions and breaking news.

Games: Athlete profiles, inside and out meetings, and drifting issues in the equestrian game.

Health: News, stories, tips, feelings and systems from the specialists.

Lifestyle: Fashion, patterns, home stylistic theme and more for the equestrian aficionado.

Laugh: Humor posts, spoofs, and general silliness.

Learn : Training tips, counsel, and encounters from the field.

Opinion: Personal perspectives on present and questionable issues in the equestrian world.

Western: Horsemanship, reining, barrels, cattle rustler culture and everything western.

And including all the things that categorized on Our Web!

Very much inquired about, certainty driven and identified with the equestrian game, current occasions and that’s just the beginning.

Clever articles, list stories, and sarcastic composition.

Thought-driven feedback and sentiment pieces about the business.

Multi-media (Photos, designs, video).

Animal dwelling place hacks and little-known techniques.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Start Write For Us Right Now!

If you meet all of the above guidelines for writing then just start writing and one you have finished please submit it to us. Contact us at our editor@itikotha.com mail.

Our editor team will review the article and will let you know if it is accepted within 7 days.

We are waiting for your Pitch!

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